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Activities & Sightseeing


Would you like to experience the African Wilderness
- the Vingerklip Lodge is the place to be!

Two refreshing pools invite you after strolling along the trails across the African bushveld.
Or enjoy a sundowner on our veranda with a view over Namibia's wide open spaces.


There are a number of activities offered here at Vingerklip Lodge, from short walks here in the reserve to day trips into surrounding areas.
If there is a trip or hike you would like to do but do not see it on our list, please ask us and we will see what we can do.
We always try to be as flexible as possible.

There are several different walking trails around Vingerklip Lodge, both guided and un-guided, but nevertheless all
walks are well marked and can be done on your own if you prefer to be by yourselves,
we do however recommend walking in groups of at least two persons.


Vingerklip walk and Vingerklip extension - (No charge)
The first two are a long and a short hike to the famous Vingerklip (Rock finger). The shorter trail takes you directly from the Lodge to the Vingerklip.
This walk can be done any time of the day if you would like to do it by yourself and takes about an hour to complete.
The extension of this walk takes you around the North terrace and then to the Vingerklip, this takes about 2 hours to complete.

South Terrace hike (No charge)
(All hiking trails can be done by Mountain Bike, please ask at reception for details.)
The third trail is a walk for those who enjoy geology and takes you on a trip around the South Terrace where you can see the spectacular
way these terraces have been formed. On your walk there is a small detour which you can take to our View Point to see the lovely scenery
which is unique to this area. This trail takes about one and a half hours to complete.

Joint Terrace hike (No charge)
The fourth trail is for people who want a longer walk, this trail combines two of our trails which takes you around South Terrace,
then about halfway along the trail there is a path that joins the extension of the Vingerklip walk, going around the North Terrace
and then to the Vingerklip taking you back to the Lodge.
This hike takes about 3 and a half hours to complete.


Sundowner Drive
- please book at reception-
A drive in our reserve with a chance to see some animals but guaranteed to see beautiful landscape, and just to enjoy nature while
watching the sun set with a glass of champagne.

Day Visitors

Day visitors are welcome at Vingerklip Lodge.
You can enjoy our scenic view from our terrace and we are happy to serve you a light meal or anything refreshing from our bar.
Feel free to discover the environment on our walking trails.
If possible please contact us in advance if you wish to spend your day at Vingerklip Lodge to assist us in making your day unforgettable.

*Please note that our guided trips depend on availability of our guide and weather and road conditions.


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